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Entrance Examination of Nagoya University — Take the Challenge: Test Yourself Against a Top-rated Japanese University

In Japan, university entrance is based largely on the scores that an applicant achieves in an entrance examination administrated by the university he or she hopes to enter.
Usually, this examination is paper based test and each university prepares questions.
These tests determine whether students deserve to participate in the university's academic activities in the future.

Therefore, prestigious universities require a high degree of subject to the applicants.
Top-rated universities called "Former Imperial Universities" are examples. They have produced many notable people who had played a prominent role in politics, economics, science, or technology of Japan.
It opens the gate to such careers for Japanese young people to pass “the difficulty” of these examination required by the universities.

We introduce the entrance examination of Nagoya University, one of the Former Imperial Universities and the top research institutions of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, and Medicine in Japan.
It will be run in a three-part series: physics first, mathematics second, and chemistry third.

The accrual questions are in Japanese, of course, however we translate it in English so that brilliant young people of the world make an attempt.

*The answers are available and please confirm if necessary.