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Re-inventing Japan Project

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Selected Programs

Support for the Formation of Collaborative Programs with ASEAN
Project organization
Graduate Program for Fostering Frontiers of Practical Problem Solution in a Populations-Activitied-Resources-Environment (PARE) chain Hokkaido University
Development of Interdisciplinary Consortium on Urban Environment and Health in Asia The University of Tokyo
Inter-university Exchange Program toward Medical and Dental Networking in Southeast Asia Tokyo Medical and Dental University
AUN-KU student Mobility Program toward Heman Security Development Kyoto University
Education of Global Medical and Health Science Leaders in the Coming Generation in Cooperation and Collaboration with ASEAN Countries Kobe University, Osaka University
Six-University Coordinative-Learning Program at the Rural Communities in Japan and Indonesia Ehime University, Kagawa University, Kochi University
BUILD-UP Cooperative Education Program for Global Human Resource Development in Earth Resources Engineering Kyushu University, Waseda University
University Consortium for Evidence Based Approach to the Emergent Issues in Asia Keio University
Active Leaders Development Program Focusing on ASEAN-Japan Literacy Meiji University
Twin College Envoys Program (TWINCLE) Chiba University
Training a New Generation of Leaders in International Cooperation For the Development of the ASEAN Region Nagoya University
Rediscovering Japan Through collaboration in the Open ASEAN+6 - International Human Resource Development Centering on the SEND Program Kyoto University
A Spiral Model of Collaborative Education: Balancing Global and Local Values through Legal Mind Kyushu University
Cyclical Educational Program for Human Resources Development through Multi-faceted Exchanges by Utilizing Japanese Language Education Waseda University

CAMPUS Asia Support for the Formation of a Core Center
Beijing-Seoul-Tokyo Dual Degree Master’s Program on International and Public Policy Studies (BESETO DDMP) The University of Tokyo
TKT CAMPUS Asia Consortium Tokyo Institute of Technology
Asia Business Leaders Program Hitotsubashi University
Northeast Asian Consortium for Policy Studies National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Training human resources for the development of an epistemic community in law and political science to promote the formation of "jus commune (common law)" in East Asia Nagoya University
A Cooperative Asian Education Gateway for a Sustainable Society: Expanding the Frontiers in Science and Technology of Chemistry and Material ○Nagoya University、Tohoku University
Program for Careers in Risk Management Experts in East Asia Kobe University
Program for Core Human Resources Development: For the Achievement of the Common Good (Bonum Commune) and a Re-evaluation of Classical Culture in East Asia Okayama University
Collaborative Graduate School Program for Global Human Resources Development in Energy and Environmental Science and Technology Kyushu University
A triangular program operated by partners in Japan, China and Korea, designed to foster a new generation of humanities leaders in East Asia Ritsumeikan University
Consortium for International Human Resource Development for Disaster-Resilient Countries Kyoto University
Peace and Human Security in Asia ○Osaka University、Hiroshima University、Nagasaki University、Meio University
East Asia University Institute (EAUI) for Asia Regional Integration Waseda University

Establishment Aid for Cooperative Education with Universities in the USA etc.
Global Initiative; School of Engineering, The university of Tokyo The University of Tokyo
World -Class University Alliance for Educating Techno-Scientific Leaders Tokyo Institute of Technology
Japan-US Advanced Collaborative Education Program (JUACEP) Nagoya University
International Collaboration Project Akita International University
Global Innovation Design Program Keio University
Waseda University Global Leadership Program Waseda University
APU-SEU Global Collaborative University Education Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
TRANS Europe-East Asia Education Program for Global Development in the Humanities and Social Sciences University of Tsukuba
Continents Design Education Program (CODE Program) Chiba University
INU Educational Programs on Global Peace and Environmental Sustainability Hiroshima University
Development of Japan-EU Collaborative Program for Nurturing Global Engineers Keio University
Canada-Japan Collaborative Program for Educating World Citizens as Future Leaders Kwansei Gakuin University

Outline: About Re-Inventing Japan Project

The Re-Inventing Japan Project is a government funding program designed to develop a world-class educational framework in Japan. The project offers financial support to university programs focusing on providing Japanese students with overseas study opportunities and accepting foreign students to study in Japan. Programs selected for funding must have shown collaborative education to be at the core of their educational strategy, and also have in place systems assuring that quality is maintained in mutual credit recognition and grade management among partner universities overseas.

Globalization has encouraged many universities throughout the world to open their gates to receive students from abroad, as today's society itself must function within the vast global market. In this context, higher education in Japan needs to look at more than just the domestic educational environment; rather, it must reach beyond conventional frameworks of national and international students to develop and provide education rooted in partnership with the rest of the world.

Japan’s technology and business model has produced many well-known companies that have supported today’s Japanese economy. In the educational field, also, there is a strong foundation that has produced the largest number of Nobel laureates in any Asian country. These facts have suggested that Japan has held a chance to take advantage of its strong foundation and communicated its fundamental strength to the world. 

This innovative Project aims to foster the next generation of global leaders, equipped with deep knowledge and with strong global competencies. It is also designed to promote reform that will enable Japan to offer its unique and superlative educational resources to the rest of the world. The Re-Inventing Japan Project promises to revitalize Japan, thereby allowing it to make meaningful contributions to the development of the global community as a whole.

In 2011, an open call was made for applications from programs designed to construct networks in Asia or in Europe, North America or Australia. In 2012, a second open call was made for applications from programs seeking to establish collaborative networks with universities in ASEAN countries.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT): Re-Inventing Japan Project