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Nishi Athletic Goods Co., Ltd.: Throwing Implements

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For track and field throwing events, the organizing body of each event endorses a limited selection of equipment for use by competing athletes. These four to six approved products for each event are given the label “Official Sporting Equipment”. For the hammer throw at recent Olympic Games, the majority of the hammers chosen by medalists in their winning events were made by a Japanese sporting equipment maker, Nishi Sports.

Official Sporting Equipment must not only comply with strict regulations, but must also be of extremely high quality, enabling athletes to reach their peak personal performance. Since the XIII Summer Universiade held in Kobe in 1985, Nishi Sports has been a major supplier of throwing implements as well as numerous other track and field equipment (e.g. recording and measurement devices). Their products have not only been regularly used on the international stage, but have also proven to be the most popular choice for competitors.

The high quality and high performance equipment produced by Nishi Sports, which has gained the trust of both event organizers and athletes alike, has come about from the combination of intensive ongoing research efforts, skilled handicraft, and dedication.