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Mizuno: Sportswear (Breath Thermo, etc.)

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By unraveling the history of technological development by sporting goods manufacturers, we can learn a lot about how sportswear fabrics have evolved over time: whether through collaboration with other fabric or materials manufacturers, or through the in-house development of functional fabrics, these two areas of manufacturing have and continue to be closely intertwined. For every sport, specifically designed athletic wear exists, and even garments with limited fabric area, such as swimming trunks, require careful engineering and numerous design considerations which take into account performance, comfort, ease of care, and a design that promotes the competitive spirit.

Mizuno, a Japanese sporting goods giant known for manufacturing a wide variety of athletic equipment, apparel, and footwear, is no exception when it comes to the development of distinctive clothing materials. Fabrics which absorb moisture and generate heat are now common and made by many manufacturers, but Mizuno developed the first such fabric, now known under the trademark of Breath Thermo.