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Yaskawa Electric Corporation: AC Servo Motors and Inverters

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“Mechatronics” is a word that we hear often as citizens of the 21st century. However, did you know that a Japanese company created the word in 1969?

The term mechatronics is a combination of the words mechanics and electronics, and it encompasses the concept of controlling intricate machines with electricity. The word was proposed by Yaskawa Electric, a multinational manufacturer of industrial robots. The term has filtered into the public consciousness as the field has developed, expanded, and become a bigger part of our everyday lives. Today, many of the products which enhance our quality of life are powered and controlled by electricity, all of which have been made possible by mechatronics.

Yaskawa Electric, the birthplace of mechatronics, was founded in 1915 as a make-to-order manufacturer of electrical appliances for use in coal mines. Today, Yaskawa is well-known for their world's best products, scuh as industrial robots, servo motors and inverters. Their endeaver to being the world's best, or the first propels their success as the world’s leading manufacturer.