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Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd.: Dental Light Mirror

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Dental lights are extremely important pieces of equipment for aiding dentists in their work, and can be found in surgeries all over the world. To be effective, these lights must provide strong illumination with minimal shadowing, while simultaneously minimizing heat radiation which would make both the dentist and patient extremely uncomfortable. The brightness of these dental lights is, in part, due to a reflecting mirror which surrounds the light source, and ultimately serves to improve visibility within the oral cavity. This reflector — known as a cold mirror — selectively reflects visible light while simultaneously transmitting infrared wavelengths: this property is conferred on the reflector by a special thin-film coating on the mirror surface.
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Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd. manufactures cold mirrors designed for dental lights, and has developed a unique coating which controls the interaction of the mirror surface with light at the nanoscale. An ideal dental light produces close-to-natural light, does not create a shadow around the dentists’ hands, and does not radiate a significant amount of heat. Okamoto’s reflectors play a significant role in conferring these properties on such lighting fixtures, and are used by manufacturers all over the world.  The company also produces various other specialized glass products and glass coating materials, which are often custom-made, to meet the changing needs and demands of its customers.