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Gekkeikan : Japanese sake


Sake, or Japanese rice wine, is a type of alcohol originating in Japan. It is made from rice and has a wide range of tastes and flavours, from mild to rich, fruity to dry.
The flavor and aroma of sake will also change depending to the temperature at which it is served. An alcohol that can be enjoyed at such a wide range of temperatures is a global rarity. Sake has been enjoying increasing popularity all over the world in recent years, thanks to its smooth taste, made possible by its relatively low alcohol content.

Gekkeikan is just one of Japan’s many sake makers, but it counts among the greatest; it maintained the top share in the Japanese sake market for over 50 years, until 2002.
The origins of the company can be traced back to 1637, when Gekkeikan founder Jiemon Ohkura started to brew sake in Fushimi, Kyoto. Despite the small scale of the original brewery, it gradually increased the volume of sake brewed over the next two and a half centuries.
In 1909, the Gekkeikan Research Institute was established in order to adopt a scientific approach to the brewing process. At the same time, Gekkeikan also started to sell sake in bottles, although barrels were still in common use as the standard container for sake. This convenience of bottled sake boosted sales and helped Gekkeikan to be recognized as a distinguished sake maker.

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