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OncoTherapy Science, Inc. : Targeted therapy, Cancer peptide vaccines


Targeted therapy is a treatment for disease that works by zeroing in on specifically targeted molecules within the body and inhibiting their functions.

By identifying the differences between cancer cells and normal cells at the molecular or genetic information level, for example, this therapy is able to interfere only with those molecules that aid the growth and spread of cancer.

Conventional drugs have worked by identifying a broadly defined target, but targeted molecular therapy is different in that the target is very precisely identified and defined from the very earliest stages of drug development and treatment design. The level of accuracy with which the target cells are identified is extremely high.
At present, research is being conducted in this field for multiple diseases, including cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchitis, and asthma. 

One of the most promising developments in cancer treatment is cancer peptide vaccine therapy. Japan is the undisputed world leader in this, and the high-level research being conducted by Professor Yusuke Nakamura and his team promises the establishment of new cancer therapies in the near future.

Until now, anti-cancer drugs have worked by attacking the cancer cells themselves, once they have already grown. By contrast, the cancer peptide vaccine identifies and attacks molecules that are related to the increase of cancer cells. This stops healthy cells becoming malignant.

OncoTherapy Science, Inc. is dedicated to the development of new anti-cancer medicines and cancer therapies, through the discovery of multiple molecular targets potentially suitable for the development of targeted therapies and medicines and the subsequent joint development of such therapies and drugs with external institutes based on its research findings.

Clinical research on cancer peptide vaccines is already being carried out in several institutes in Japan. OncoTherapy Science and its treatments and medicines continue to steadily progress, as the company works to improve treatment efficacy, reduce side effects, and turn the therapy into a treatment that can be received by any patients who wishes.

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OncoTherapy Science: Research Fields
Cancer Peptide Vaccines
Peptide vaccines for cancer treatment have been isolated for colon cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and renal cancer, with a particular focus on the HLA-A*24:02 and A*02:01 pseudogenes found in large quantities in Japanese, European, and American people. Projects are also underway for the isolation of other peptide vaccines.
Antibody drugs
At present, the research has identified three molecules that are cancer-specific antigens, and antibody drugs utilizing these antigens are being evaluated in a mouse model. The drugs are also being evaluated for efficacy and safety, with a view to clinical development in the near future.
Small-molecular drugs
Drug development research is being conducted targeting six different types of cancer-specific proteins. So far, promising results have been recorded for two of the six types; further and more detailed analysis remains necessary.
RNAi drugs
RNAi drugs are considered to be good candidates for the next generation of anti-cancer treatment. RNAi drug delivery systems allow the oncologist to control the distribution of drugs into the body quantitatively, spatially, and temporally. Our molecules have been identified as candidates for drug development, and tests are being carried out to evaluate their respective efficacy and suitability.
Cancer diagnostic agents
Research is being conducted to look at the development potential of new cancer diagnostic agents that identify molecules displaying hyperexpression as a result of cancer and secreted in proteins in serum or urine.