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NORITZ Corporation: On-demand Gas Water Heaters and Related Products


Noritz has been manufacturing bathtubs and gas water heaters in Japan for more than 50 years, and has now established itself as a market leader. Since the 1990s, it has been committed to expansion overseas, and today its high-performance on-demand gas water heaters are among its leading products on international markets.

In recent years, the demand for gas as an energy supply has increased, as national infrastructures continue to be built up, particularly in developing countries, and as the entire world shifts toward a preference for low carbon energy. Demand for on-demand gas water heaters has increased in parallel with this heightened need for gas.

Storage-type water heaters have been popular in the United States for many years, but on-demand gas water heaters are different in that they allow the user to access an efficient supply of hot water as and when he or she needs it. They are particularly suited to the home. They are compact, require little space, and allow the drastic reduction of associated costs.

In the United States, where the American Society of Mechanical Engineers has for year been responsible for formulating regulations for mechanical devices, the Noritz on-demand gas water heater was the world’s first water heater to ever to be certified by the Society.

Noritz gas water heaters can cut heating costs by up to 50% in comparison with conventional storage types. The compact and long-lasting specification makes it ideal for safe use either indoors or outdoors.

They also boast the largest variety of products in the industry, with models suited to home or business use, adaptable to any need. Their slogan—“Making your life a happy and safe oasis with hot water”—is the driving force behind Noritz’ continued commitment to providing domestic and international markets with high-performance water heaters and related products.

Leading Manufacturer of Bathtubs and Related Products

Noritz was established in 1951, and in the 1960s it began to develop gas bathtubs, which challenged the conventional thinking of the day—that gas bathtubs had to be made from copper—and instead launched highly efficient, well-designed aluminum models. The bathtubs were given the name ‘Bathtub Noritsu (Efficiency)’, and secured Noritz’ position as the leading manufacturing of home-use bathtubs in Japan.

Later, in the 1970s, the company launched the Majikon, a model that could be lit and unlit with a direct pilot burner in the bathroom. This was the first such system developed by any residential bathtub manufacturer in Japan.

In 1977, Noritz launched the Ubiq, an instant gas water heater, operable by indoor remote control, which boasted a compact yet powerful and stable hot water output system. It was quite unlike anything that other companies were manufacturing at the time. It was from this moment in time that Noritz became synonymous with water heaters.

Throughout the 1980s, Noritz continued to innovate, creating multiple systems including system baths, system kitchens, and sinks. In the 2000s, Noritz entered the commercial kitchen market.

All this time, Noritz has been committed to improving people’s lives through hot water, and in the development of diverse and innovative products designed to meet that goal.

Realizing Better Everyday Lives through New Generation Energy Systems

Noritz has also kept a keen eye on developments in energy demand and supply over the ages, playing a role in improving the lives of its customers throughout. When established, Japan still tended to use firewood and coal in the home. The company began with the invention of the “Never Cool Bath Tile”, designed to be used effectively with this kind of fuel.

Afterwards, as Japan’s society increasingly came to use gas as an energy source, Noritz worked to develop many pioneering gas-powered devices. Today, however, energy needs have changed, and the company is concentrating on the development of products using next generation energy sources, such as sunlight and solar heat, in response to the increasing demand for low carbon products.

Noritz has seen strong demand in recent years for its Eco Jozu-type range of high-efficiency gas water heaters, and now commands 50% market share in the domestic market of such gas water heaters. It is also dedicated to the development and sales of solar photovoltaic powered systems as well as solar thermal hot water devices and hot water heating systems. The company is also working on the development of energy-generating products, including fuel cells. Noritz is now attracting considerable attention as a company to watch, in both domestic and overseas markets, for innovative products designed with ecology and comfortable living in mind.

April 21, 2012

About the author
Hiromi Jitsukata is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
(Noritz Corporation)