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GLORY: RBG-100 Currency Recycler, Paper Currency Counter GFB Series


GLORY is a device development, manufacture, and sales company working in money handling, payment devices, and security systems through the application of core technologies facilitating the counting, selection, and delivery of money and items.

GLORY also develops high-level in-house technology for cigarette vending machines, coin lockers, cash registers, card payment devices, and medical charges payment machinery. Indeed, GLORY products play a role in many aspects of our everyday lives.

GLORY has a long corporate history, and its products have enjoyed an excellent reputation since first being launched. GLORY developed the first ever made-in-Japan coinage handling machine, and has continued to lead the market in currency processing devices. Today, it maintains that position with a massive 70% share of the domestic market.

Recently, GLORY has been selling products into the financial and the amusement and gaming markets. GLORY devices are equipped with highly sensitive counterfeit bills can be identified at speed with a highly accurate sensor; this and other benefits suggest that GLORY will enjoy continued success on international markets. 

GLORY’s Core Technology

GLORY’s Research Division is the core of the business and the secret of its strength. The division deals primarily in mechatronics, used to count money, and recognition/identification technology as its two core technological fields, and is also involved in the development of advanced technology for security fields. GLORY invests around 9 billion yen (~110 million US dallar) annually on research and development, an amount indicative of its dedication to developing new products and new technologies.

The technology used in GLORY products has, in this way, been developed over many years with care and commitment. It is this technology that underpins the quality, functionality, ease of operation, and durability of all GLORY products.  

RBG-100 Currency Recycler

In parallel with a growing demand for financial products, financial institutions located overseas are experiencing increasing calls for greater communication between tellers and customers. The question on how quickly deposits and withdrawals can be processed behind the counter is one of great importance, as is that of how to ensure the accurate calculation and appropriate handling of currency. The answer to these questions can be provided by optimized machinery.

The RBG-100 Currency Recycler was launched in January 2012. It has rewritten the industry record books with its advanced functionality, and is currently being introduced into three fields—large deposits, small deposits and teller work, and cashier work—where it is expected to facilitate improved efficiency and more appropriate currency handling. The RBG-100 is compact enough to fit beneath a raised counter, and can store a maximum of 17,000 bills, the biggest capacity of any similar unit. Indeed, this storage volume is three times that of conventional units.

It is also the first such device to be fitted with a function that allows it to record the serial number of bank bills. It also boasts the fastest bank-bill deposit counting speed, at 10 bills per second. Overall, the RBG-100 Currency Recycler brings together GLORY’s most advanced technology in a single unit. 

At present, the unit is being exported overseas, particularly to the US, and future sales plans are set to target developing countries which tend to have a high circulation of bills. 

Compact Currency Counters: GFB Series

GFB Series counters are compact machines that can be placed on bank teller counters and used for high speed bill counting. It is capable of a counting speed of up to 1,800 bills per minute, and is distinct from other devices in that it can be equipped with multiple currency counterfeit detectors (MCCDs), highly accurate bill reading sensors.

Units can be equipped with up to four types of MCCDs: ultraviolet, magnetic, metal, and infrared ink detection sensors. This makes it adaptable to the bill recognition/identification needs of multiple different countries and regions.

When in “CF Auto Mode function”, the unit first identifies bills then activates the relevant MCCDs according to bill features. This innovative technology is unique to GLORY, and draws a clean line between the GFB Series stand and other similar products.

The unit has been designed with the user in mind: an easy-to-use key layout, an easy-to-view screen, and optional manual and auto operative modes. This operability makes it suitable for multiple situations in countries all over the world. This is ably demonstrated by the fact that the GFB Series currently holds a 20% share of the paper-currency counting machinery market in Europe.

Coin Counters: CP-11/CCR-10

Coin counters are used, as of course the name indicates, to count coins. The compact CP-11 and CCR-10 are both tabletop units that are nevertheless high speed with high functionality. Each machine can count 1,800 coins per minute.

Up to 2,000 coins can be inserted into the CP-11 in a single go, and up to 4,000 into the CCR-10. This makes them ideal for banks, retail stores, and amusement and gaming facilities, where counting large numbers of coins as quickly as possible is a must.

The CP-11 is compact, at just 30cm (W) x 40cm (D), while the CCR-10 boasts a slim and sleek design. Neither unit takes up too much space on a desktop or workspace.

The accuracy, which is more important than speed and design, of these two models has reached unsurpassed levels thanks to GLORY’s wholly unique recognition/identification technology. They may be small, but they are certainly making their presence felt in many businesses in many places around the world.

May 17, 2012

About the author
Hiromi Jitsukata is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
(GLORY global site)
GFB-800 Series
Modes Counts, Adds, and Batches
Counterfeit detection (Programmable density levels) GFB-800 (Auto-set density levels)
GFB-820 Dual mabnetic (MG)(Auto-set density levels)
GFB-830 Dual mabnetic (MG), New ultra-violet(UV) (Auto-set density levels)
4-Speed count selection(Auto or manual start) 500,1,000,1,500 & 1,800 bills/per minuts
Feed method Roller friction type
Hopper capacity Up to 300 bills
Stacker capacity Up to 200 bills
Countable bill size 50mm x 85mm - 110mm x 185mm (2"x3.4" to 4.3"x7.3")