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SHIMA SEIKI: WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Machine MACH2X; Design Workstation SDS-ONE APEX3


Established in 1962, SHIMA SEIKI manufactures and sells knitting machinery. Masahiro Shima, the founder of the company and still its President today, succeeded in developing the world’s first fully automated glove knitting machine, something which had proved difficult for many years previously. This success prompted him to set up SHIMA SEIKI. Since its establishment, the company has focused on research and development, simultaneously expanding through both domestic and international markets.


SHIMA SEIKI is centered on a driving principle—to create that which does not yet exist—and this principle is the reason why everything, down to the molds used to make machinery parts, is produced in-house. This framework has allowed the company to nurture its impressive technological prowess and innovation in development, and to prove itself capable of manufacturing precision parts and computer circuit boards of such high quality they match those of specialist manufacturers.


WHOLEGARMENT Flat Knitting Machines: Changing the Knitwear World

In 1995, SHIMA SEIKI launched a product that would revolutionize the apparel world: the WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting machine.


Until then, in order to make a single sweater, the various parts—the front main panel, back main panel, sleeves, and so on—would have to be made separately, and then sewn together afterwards to complete the garment. The WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting machine, however, made it possible to create a sweater in a single sitting. This radical new knitting machine promised considerable advantages for designers, producers, and consumers in the way they engaged with knitwear.


The machine made it possible to knit in three-dimensions, enabling the machine to recreate the designer’s vision for the design and silhouette of the knitting fabric, and to create diverse designs without any loss of comfort or other function. 


In terms of improvements to the overall production process, the machine also facilitated the simplification of the cutting and sewing processes, the elimination of cut loss after the cutting of each individual part, and the elimination of the lead time required for the knitting and sewing of each individual part, resulting in a shorter production time.


For consumers, the advent of the machine meant no more seams and no more rough texture; it enabled better stretch in knitwear, resulting in more comfortable fits. The elimination of seams meant a more natural drape for knitwear skirts and dresses, allowing the natural lightness of knitwear to shine through.


The knitwear produced by SHIMA SEIKI’s WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting machine stunned the fashion world, and attracted immediate attention from leading global brands, such as GUCCI.

WHOLEGARMENT Computerized Flat Knitting Machine MACH2X: Cutting-edge Design and Quality

In 2008, SHIMA SEIKI launched its MACH2X, a WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting machine boasting improved functionality compared to all previous models. As outlined below, this model is fitted with a wealth of innovative technology, serving to improve its productivity and product quality.


The R2CARRIAGE System achieves quicker carriage returns after each course. Conventional carriage systems required considerable space for carriage returns, meaning the area that could be knitted was limited by the speed at which return was set. The R2CARRIAGE System uses a compact, lightweight carriage, reducing the space required for carriage return for each knitting course.


SHIMA SEIKI’s Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS) has been lauded internationally for its incredible precision, but the i-DSCS+DTC is a step further. It is an active control system that allows the electronic control of yarn-feed in both feed and retrieval directions as necessary, as well as yarn tension. With precision electronic control, the i-DSCS+DTC provides consistent quality among different machines and for repeat orders.

-  4-Bed Configuration, SlideNeedles

SlideNeedles were developed by SHIMA SEIKI as a proprietary technology that has changed the 150 year-long history of the conventional latch needle. The flexible two-piece slider mechanism allows the needle to be mounted in the center of the needle groove, and thereby achieve perfectly symmetrical loop formation, assuring beautiful quality for the knitted fabric. The MACH2X features SlideNeedles mounted on 4 needle beds, a setup that allows diverse design and patterning. The MACH2X is the only machine in the world able to produce WHOLEGARMENT knitwear with fine gauge rib structures.

-  Pulldown Device

The Pulldown Device featured in the MACH2X consists of front and rear independent panels, over which tiny pins are positioned in order to latch onto and pull down the knitted fabric. This allows the adjustment of the takedown tension of the main panels and sleeves of a garment. The Pulldown Device makes possible more precise control over the three-dimensional shaping of WHOLEGARMENT items, allowing greater possibility in design, and improving functionality.

(Knit samples)


SDS-ONE APEX3: Design System

The SDS-ONE APEX Series was launched in 2007 as a brand new design system making possible the three-dimensional expression of WHOLEGARMENT items. Today, the most advanced model—the SDS-ONE APEX3—features specialized virtual simulation function that allows the visualization of textiles, print, circular knitting, weft knitting, and pile. This improves the planning process, and helps to reduce the costs, time, and materials associated with sampling. The system also boasts a mannequin-fitting simulator, with both male and female mannequin options, where the pattern data can be applied to virtual mannequins to ensure correct fit. Further, a mapping system allows the three-dimensional simulation of textiles and prints.


Apparel CAD/CAM

The SDS-ONE APEX3 is the latest design system, and comprises an apparel CAD system, capable of everything from patternmaking to grading and marking, that is also unified throughout the pattern design and size development processes. It also allows data to be transferred to various devices, ensuring that the entire production process can be carried out on a unified basis.


Specifically, the system boasts functions for design drawing, planning report creation, patternmaking, grading, and marking based on a rich database and specialized drawing tools. These functions allow pattern editing, operation programming using the latest software, and even virtual simulation functions that allow the user to see designs in three dimensions. The system provides comprehensive support for planning, production, and promotion.


When used in conjunction with the P-CAM Series of computerized fabric cutting machines, it is possible to improve efficiency across the entire creative process, from design to production. The P-CAM Series uses CAD data to cut knitwear, thereby eliminating the need, seen with presses and other conventional cutting machines, for molds, the cost of those molds, and the space needed to store them. By using the SDS-ONE APEX3 and a P-CAM model in conjunction, it becomes possible to respond effectively to diverse needs, not only in fashion apparel but also in fields related to automobiles, work wear, industrial materials, container bags, cross containers, carbon fiber fabric, carbon cloth, aramid fibers, nonwoven fabric, and furniture. The P-CAM Series is capable of bringing benefit to many different industrial fields.


The P-CAM Series comprises multi-ply automatic fabric cutting machines that are high performance and high quality. In addition to the outstanding features listed below, P-CAM Series models are also highly effective at cutting carbon fibers and composite materials.

-Highly Accurate Cutting Head

New knife self-sharpening technology ensures more precise cutting.

-Precision Head Height Adjustment

Automatically measures the thickness of the fabric to the cut when it is suctioned into the machine, and adjusts the height of the blade head as appropriate. This ensures control of both cutting and fabric resistance, and contributes to improving fabric cutting ability.

-Knife Auto Width Measurement

Constantly measures the knife blade width automatically, as it wears from cutting, and adjusts cutting as required to ensure that accuracy is maintained, and making it possible to monitor blade wear in real time, and the operator will even be notified when the blade needs to be replaced. This improves product precision and machine maintenance.

-All-New Suction Chamber Conveyor System

By housing an all-new conveyor system in the suction chamber, it is now possible to cut fabric during suction and while feeding fabric, thereby improving cutting efficiency. Higher suction efficiency results in reduced blower output, realizing quieter operation. The conveyor system removes cutting waste to the exterior of the machine, helping to streamline machine maintenance.

-Cutting Speed Auto Set, Double-Cut Prevention System

When cutting lines where parts are close to one another, the Cutting Speed Auto Set system makes possible the automatic adjustment of cutting speed, while the Double-Cut Prevention system eliminates the risk of repetitive cutting, thereby improving precision on the cut surface. These functions can be set up automatically, meaning a reduction in data editing lead time.


In addition, the Series boasts a touch panel controller designed for easy operation, pattern match functions, a function to cut waste into piece, and software for editing cutting data, in addition to multiple other devices designed to dramatically improve operative efficiency and productivity.


WHOLEGARMENT computerized knitting machine MACH2X

Type M153X M173X
Gauge15L・18L(L: Large hook) 8L・15L(L: Large hook)
Knitting width Variable stroke. Max 60" (150cm) Variable stroke. Max 68" (170 cm)
Knitting speed Max 1.6m/sec. (8L:Max 1.4m/sec. ) Knitting speed varies according to various knitting conditions. Variably adjustable speed levels. 16 additional programmable speeds.
Stitch density 120 levels, electronically controlled.
Second stitch Motor-controlled second stitch cam allows individual adjustment of loose/tight stitches for shaping. Lower carriage only.
Racking Motor-driven. Max 1.5-inch racking in each direction (3 inches total) for rear needle beds and loop presser bed. Racking of upper and lower rear beds and loop presser bed are performed as one. Motor-driven. Double racking. Max 1.5-inch racking in each direction (3 inches total) for all four needle beds and loop presser bed. Front:Racking of upper and lower front beds are performed as one. Rear:Racking of upper and lower rear beds and loop presser bed are performed as one.
Knitting system Ultra compact 3-system (1 knitting system + 2 transfer systems). Single R2CARRIAGE system.
Transfer Lower beds: Simultaneous transfer, front and back, independent of carriage direction.Split stitch possible without exchanging yarn carriers (15L and 18L only).
Upper beds: Upper beds to opposite lower beds, independent of carriage direction.
Sinker system Fixed sinker system
Stitch presser Special motor-driven system allows individual adjustment for on/off in knit and transfer.
Loop presser Individual selection and independent control. Loop presser bed positioned above upper rear needle bed.
Needle selection Electromagnetic direct selection.
Setup device Takedown comb with special setup needles.
Pulldown device Special pulldown mechanism with independent operation of front and rear. Precise control over entire garment width in 1.5-inch increments.
Exit rollers Special rollers for fabric pulldown and release. Consists of two rollers.
Yarn cutter Single-unit system includes 1 yarn cutter and 2 yarn grippers. Both sides standard. Lint remover.
Air Splicer Instant color changes using pressurized air. 2 units on left side; 1 unit on right side. 8 colors per unit .Optional(1).
DSCS Consistent loop length by digital control method. 8 encoders. Left side standard.
i-DSCS+DTC DSCS with Intelligence + Dynamic Tension Control. Actively controls yarn feed in both feed and retrieval directions. Electronic control of yarn-feed tension permits high-speed knitting. 3 units. Right side standard (2).
Yarn feed roller 8 positions on each side. Left side doule roller standard. Left side yarn stopper device.
Side tensions 12 on each side
Yarn carriers (3) 12 carriers
Top tensions 24 tension devices
One-touch easy threading. Large knots cause machine stop. Small knots cause 0-9 courses at specified knot detection speed, then automatically resume at set speed.
Stop motion Yarn break, large knot, wraparound check, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error, etc.
Drive system Belt drive. AC servo motor. No lubrication necessary.
Cleaner Special blower-operated cleaner. Automatic operation available upon knitting a set number of pieces. Manual operation also available.
Safety devices Full safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with stop motion sensor and interlock mechanism. emergency stop switch. emergency power off device. Ultra-low speed "crawl" setting. CE Mark. Indicator lamps (see below).
Operation lamp Green/normal operation. Flashing green/normal stop. Flashing amber/abnormal stop.
Average weight Kg ( lbs. ) 1,310 ( 2,882 ) 1,485 ( 3,267 )

WHOLEGARMENT computerized knitting machine MACH2X Controller

Data input USB memory interface. Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T network interface.
Pattern memory 50,331,648 bits (1,024 wales x 16,384 addresses)
Control unit Built-in controller. Stored program for flat knitting machine.
Control display Monochrome LCD panel. Editing possible via display panel operation. Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German,Turkish, Chinese and Japanese.
Back-up power Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure.
Power 3 phase AC200V +/-10% 3.0kVA

(1) Air Splicer.
(2) i-DSCS+DTC (Left side).
(3) Plating Carrier.


Application Software Full Spec. Software Package *1 Design
Automatic Software
3D Modelist
Pantone Color
Color Management
PGM Software Package *1Patternmaking
Host Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32bit for Embedded Systems
Processor Intel Core-i7 860 (2.80GHz Quad-Core)
Main Memory 4GB
Hard Disk 500GB
Media Drives DVD Super Multi Drive
Interface 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet x 2
USB2.0 x 9 (Front x 1 port, Rear x 8 ports)
Accelerator Standard
Operation User Interface Menu-interactive
Tablet A4 wide size (USB) + cordless pressure-sensitive pen
Trackball Unit *2 3D Subkeyboard features single trackball, 3D manipulator, and function buttons (USB)
Single trackball with function buttons (USB)
Keyboard English keyboard (USB)
Mouse Laser mouse with scroll wheel (USB)
Display Display Type 24-inch full-color LCD widescreen display
Resolution 1920 × 1200 pixels 60Hz
Color 24-bit full-color (16,777,216 colors), Adobe RGB support
Miscellaneous Main Unit Size W192mm (7.6") × D472mm (18.6") × H427mm (16.8")
Main Unit Weight 15kg (33 lbs.)
Power AC100-120V/8A , AC200-240V/4A 50/60Hz
Options *3 (1) i1 Color measuring device. (2) Pantone Color Guide for Fashion and Home.

*1 Selectable between Full spec. and PGM Software Packages.
*2 Selectable between 2 types of trackball units.
*3 Full Spec. Software Package only

Fabric Cutting Machines P-CAM

Model P-CAM1620 P-CAM1820 P-CAM2020
Cutting Cutting area (W × L) 1,600mm × 1,700mm 1,800mm × 1,700mm 2,000mm × 1,700mm
Cutting thickness (Max.upon suction) 20mm
Cutting method Reciprocating knife
Knife sharpening Built-in automatic grinding (whetstone). Surface grinding. Automatic measurement of blade width.
Head speed (straight line) Cutting: 40m/min. (depending on fabric), Moving: 60m/min
Cutting table Conveyor type brush. Feeding speed 10m/min. Suction chamber cleaning. Suction valve opening/closing.
Suction Inverter controlled blower. Automatic pressure control.
Origin positioning 2-point teaching method (fabric angle compensation). Laser marker positioning. Stop motion
Stop motion Safety device activation (see below), cutting area over, servo error, fabric bulge detection, blade life, whetstone life, etc.
Safety devices Emergency stop buttons at all 4 corners. Pause button and safety bar on Y-beam.
Operation Interface Touch-sensitive display panel. Menu-interactive using touch or stylus
Operating system English Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3
Chinese Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3
Processor Intel Pentium M 745(1.8GHz)
Main memory (RAM)512MB
Harddisk 80GB
Media drives DVD-ROM、USB memory interface.
Display type 1,024 × 768 pixels
Display resolution 1,024 × 768 pixels
Display colors 24-bit full color (16,777,216 colors)
Operating noise 71dB
Power 3 phase AC400V 25.0kVA
Average weight Kg ( lbs. ) 2,150 ( 4,730 ) 2,360 ( 5,192 ) 2,490 ( 5,478 )
Options Projector (P-CAM1620/1820), Pattern matching camera, Pen-input Drawing, Controller position, auto vinyl sheet feeder, vinyl cutting device, drill upgrade (2), sheet sealer, conveyor-type pick-up table (2.5m/3.5m), P-EDITOR,etc.