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Miraial Co., Ltd.: Silicon Wafer Shipping Containers


The required purity of silicon wafers intended for use in electronic products is referred to as eleven-nine, which stands for 99.999999999% (eleven nines in a row). This article focuses, however, on the shipping containers used to transport silicon wafer shipping containers. These containers are  designed specifically to maintain the high purity of the silicon wafers that the semiconductor industry depends upon. They may not reach the end user as a product, but still they are indispensable to the semiconductor industry.


Mirial is a company specializing in the manufacture of shipping containers for silicon wafers; it currently holds 60% of the global market share (according to the Mirial 2011 summer quarterly report). These  shipping containers support the production line of various products around the world, including computers, cars, and household electronics.


The Technology of Silicon Wafer Shipping Containers

Silicon wafers must maintain their high purity while being transported through harsh conditions. For this reason, only those silicon wafer shipping containers that have passed rigorous standards can be used to transport wafers under the proper conditions. Mirial shipping containers, made with advanced technology, have passed these rigorous standards. They are airtight containers able to keep out micron-sized dust particles, and are designed to keep pressure and temperature fluctuations and physical vibrations to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, the containers are made from material with almost no outgassing. In the field of semiconductor containers, only two companies fully comply with international standards known as Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) standards; Mirial is one of these two. This is unmistakable proof that of the international approval given to Mirial containers.


Quality is not the only reason why Mirial shipping containers are used around the world. Unlike those of its competitors, Mirial containers are recyclable. All of the parts can be removed and reattached so that if something breaks or gets contaminated, only the affected parts need to be replaced. This environmentally friendly and cost effective design is highly regarded by many manufacturers.


Any company wishing to duplicate Mirial silicon wafer shipping containers is faced with a hard task. Armed with its unique strength for technological development, Mirial continues to reign over the global market as one of the few manufacturers able to provide the level of high-performance shipping containers that the silicon wafer industry requires.

Striving to Become a Strong Company that Leads the Industry

Most of the silicon wafers currently used in the semiconductor industry are 300 mm in diameter. However, wafers w 450 mm in diameter are expected to become the new standard; research into their production has been progressing steadily since 2011. As of now, Mirial boasts the most advanced capability for making containers able to accommodate these larger wafers.


Mirial is able to respond quickly to changes in the market because every manufacturing process is done in-house. The company has complete control over everything from product design to mold fabrication to inspection. In particular, its ability to make custom molds that meet precise client demands is a great advantage for a company in the manufacturing business.


Mirial is now working to combine the knowledge, data, and development capabilities that the company has collected and cultivated over the years. This will allow Mirail to increase sales revenue both from containers, and from other businesses, in fields such as molds and molding machines. In addition to shipping containers, other plastic products, and molding machines, Mirial will continue to use its impressive body of know-how to create new, innovative products that will allow it to grow in the future.

26 August, 2012

About the author
Hiromi Jitsukata is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
(Miraial Co., Ltd.)
Wafer size 300 mm
Material PC, PBT
Complies with SEMI standard (M31)
Shipping container for 300 mm wafers with an eco-friendly design; all of the parts can be individually replaced if necessary
Optional parts handle, top flange, infopad
Can be disassembled and sorted by material for recycling