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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: MVR45 Double-Column 5-Face Precision Milling Machining Center


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is one of the core businesses that make up the Mitsubishi Group, a conglomerate which is the largest of its kind in Japan. MHI was initially founded by Yanosuke Iwasaki, the second President of the Mitsubishi zaibatsu conglomerate (currently the Mitsubishi Group), who made the decision to branch out into shipbuilding. The zaibatsu then actively expanded beyond shipbuilding into other heavy industry fields.

Today, MHI is closely involved in the industries of shipbuilding, energy, aerospace, space development, transit systems, logistics, environmental equipment, automobiles, infrastructure equipment, leisure, defense, and industrial machinery, on both a domestic and international scale. The scale and scope of MHI is such that without the technology developed and produced by this company, the world’s industry simply would not function. At present, the industrial machinery field is heavily diversified, even within each sub-field, but MHI is involved across the entire spectrum, including engines, engine generators, chemical plants, printing machinery, paper converting machinery, and machine tool manufacturing. MHI machinery has an outstanding reputation, for its high levels of rigidity and precision, both domestically and internationally.

MHI’s involvement in the machine tool field began in earnest in 1939, when it started manufacturing lathes. It has developed and sold multiple machines, including machining centers, machining cells, hobbing machines, gear shavers, shaving machines, gear grinding machines, shaving cutter & gear grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, and compact precision machining equipment.

Of particular note is the field of metal processing, which has become increasingly complex in recent years. The MHI Double-Column Machining Center is a core piece of machinery in this area. The Double-Column Machinery Center is a type of vertical machining center that shaves the processed object from the top down using various shaving tools. The machining center is able to shave more than just the upper area of the processed object; its ability to shave the sides, front and back is what gives it the name “5-Face Precision Milling Machine.”

For large-scale machine tools, the general style is production by order, where machinery is manufactured on a bespoke basis for each client. Initially, MHI followed this style, manufacturing and selling machinery in the conventional way. For example, the Double-Column Precision Milling Machine introduced here was manufactured with multiple table sizes, at 5 cm intervals.

For the MVR Series, however, these bespoke models were replaced by three sizes, the 3 m, 4 m and 5 m. The column sizes have also been standardized. The client now simply has to choose which combination of table size and column size they require. The need to draw up specific designs for each order is eliminated, and this has allowed MHI to reduce production time for a single machining center from 10 months from order to just 5 months.

A reduction in production time is not the only benefit of the MVR Series. The high rigidity and high precision which characterize MHI machinery remain unchanged. The MVR Series is adaptable to a wide variety of processing industries, and can be equipped with five heads in total: a universal head, high-speed extension milling head, extension milling head and 30° angle head as options, in addition to the standard right angle head. Not only does this facilitate the use of multiple attachments, when using the right angle head and the universal head, powerful processing at 6,000 main axis revolutions / min / 30 kW. The rapid feed speed is 18 m per minute, meaning the center is speedy as well as powerful.

The MVR Series also features an advanced thermal displacement suppression system, technology which has been developed based on thermal analysis simulations. The inclusion of this system means that the impact of thermal displacement has been significantly reduced in this series when compared to conventional models. It requires no warm-up operation and can be operated for long periods, while maintain a stable standard of precision.

A high-torque model is an optional additional to the high-performance MVR Series. The spindle speed of this high torque gear head series is 17–4,000 min-1, and the spindle torque (30 min. rating) is 1,747 Nm (2.7 times compared to the standard MVR). The addition of this high torque option makes the model suitable for heavy-duty machining applications such as wind power equipment, construction machinery, railroad vehicles, and machining accessories. The 5-Axis MVR Model is another option; a 5-axis attachment with a spindle speed of 15,000 min-1, a spindle output of 15 kW, A-axis of ±92° and C-axis of ±300°. This is ideal of parts machining for aircraft and aerospace vehicles, railroad equipment, and parts machining for transportation vehicles.

The newest version of this powerful and speedy Double-Column 5-Face Precision Machining Center MVR Series was launched in 2007. The MVR45 is a large machine with a throat clearance between columns of 4,250 mm, allowing it to process large metal parts up to widths of 3500mm. It will likely play an increasingly important role in the processing of large parts for the semiconductor industry, such as liquid crystal and photovoltaic cells, and in processing housing components through plate working.

Apr 4, 2011

About the author
Eriko Kinashi is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
Table working width 3,500 mm
Table working length 6,000 mm (options from 4,000–1,000 mm)
Table loading capacity 35,000/ 6,0 (kg/m)
Throat clearance between columns 4,250 mm
Distance from spindle end to table surface 1,950 mm (option of 2,100 mm)
Ram size 350 mm
Ram spindle speed 20–6,000min-1 (option of 40–12,000 vertical type only)
Ram spindle motor output Ram spindle motor output 22 / 30 kW (continuous / 30 min. rating 6,000 min-1 specification)
Tool storage capacity (ATC) 50 (options: 60, 80, 100, 120)