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YASDA Precision Tools K.K.: Machining Center YBM 15T



The predecessor of YASDA Precision Tools was established in 1929, and ever since then the company has been dedicated to the development of precision processing technology that is unrivalled in quality anywhere in the world. In 1964, YASDA developed the Jig Master, a precision horizontal boring/milling machine that represented its first significant step onto the global precision machinery market. This was followed by the development of the Horizontal Precision Center in 1966. YASDA was the first company in Japan to begin designing and manufacturing machining centers. Ever since then, it has concentrated on precision machining centers as a core element of its business. Today, YASDA products are renowned throughout the world for their quality.

YASDA produces a range of machining centers, of which the YBM15T, introduced here, is of particular note. The YBM15T is designed to be used with large mass work, and can also function as a mother machine. The double feed system, with spindle feed (quill) system and column feed system, is one of the most significant features of the YBM15T.

The numerical control (NC) spindle feed system has enabled the development of a spindle (120 mm in diameter) to travel up to 400 mm. This makes it possible to use shorter cutter lengths, has enabled greater precision and longer cutter life in rough machining, and has improved machining performance, especially in heavy-duty machining.

The inclusion of a large column has the distinct advantage of allowing the machine operator to work within the processing area. This same column uses a new hybrid guiding system which facilitates high-level precision positioning, being able to detect the weight of large mass work with greater precision.

Machining Center YBM 15T

In addition, the YBM15T features a unique system designed to control and compensate for thermal deformation (thermal distortion stabilizing system). This system circulates temperature-controlled lubrication through the main components of the machine, keeping the machine temperature to a range of with ±0.2°C of reference temperature. This prevents any sudden thermal distortion, enabling stable precision machining. A ball screw bracket oil cooling system and jacket cooling system also circulate temperature-controlled lubrication through the center, helping to maintain consistent ball bearing and spindle precision.

YASDA Precision Tools also boasts outstanding computerized numerical control (CNC) technology, and is becoming an increasingly important presence as the global market demands ever greater precision from its machining tools.

May 6, 2011

About the author
Eriko Kinashi is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
Travel X-axis travel (longitudinal movement of table) 2,100 mm
Y-axis travel (vertical movement of spindle head) 1,500 mm
Z-axis travel (cross movement of column) 1,500 mm
W-axis travel (cross movement of quill) 300 mm
Table Table working surface 1,500x1,500 mm2
Table loading capacity 12,000 kg
Spindle Highest revolving speed 2,800 min−1 [10,000 min−1]
spindle taper hole 7/24 taper, No. 50 (BT50)
Automatic tool changer Tool storage capacity 60 tools [90-450]
APC/PLS Number of pallets 2 pallets / [5 pallets]
NC Equipment FANUC 31i -MODEL A5
*optional specifications are reffered to [].