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Waida MFG Co., Ltd.: Profile Grinder Series SPG-W, Jig Grinder Series UJG-75


Waida MFG Co., Ltd. was established in 1933. At first, it produced automobile maintenance equipment, such as cylinder boring machines, but in 1956 it began to develop and produce carbide tool grinders. This led the business to shift its focus to the manufacture of machine tools. In particular, Waida MFG has concentrated its business on the development and manufacture of specialist grinders.

Waida MFG specializes in two main categories: metal grinders are an invaluable part of the production process for electrical components, precision machinery, household electronics, metal moulds, semiconductors, cutting instruments, and IT-related equipment; and cutting tool-related grinders used in the precision grinding of carbide tools, including blade edge replacement tips and small-diameter end mills. Today, Waida MFG commands a 60% of metal grinders within the Japanese market, and an 80% of the cutting tool-related grinders. Waida MFG is widely recognized as one of Japan’s leading companies, and its international reputation is also on the rise, as it garners greater recognition and respect in the USA and beyond.

Grinders are machines used in the final stages of manufacture and processing. The workpiece (the item to be subject to grinding) is held in place with a fixture, and a sharpening stone, spinning at a very high speed, travel across the workpiece, enabling the micro-cutting of the workpiece. Obviously, very hard material can only be cut using a similarly hard substance. The sharpening stone, or grinding head, is made from extremely hard mineral. It is specifically designed to for micro-cutting, making it capable of precision processing.

The two Waida MFG products introduced here both fall into the category of metal grinders, one of the two main categories in which Waida MFG has found worldwide success.

Profile Grinder Series: SPG-W
Profile grinders are used for the high precision grinding and processing of complex contours (profiles) of metal mold components, precision machinery components, and cutting tools. The SPG-W is the latest model in the profile grinder series produced by Waida MFG, and is used for the processing of high precision metal mold components, specialist tools, and cylindrical roll components. The SPG-W has been substantially improved from previous models, making it much easier to access the machined (grinding) surface than conventional models by making the sharpening wheel lighter and including innovations to prevent oscillation. The model has been designed to maximize ease of use for the operator, as well as operational efficiency. . The SPG-W also offers optional settings for wheel table angle settings and vertical stroke amount, making this machine adaptable to a wide range of processing work.

Jig Grinder Series UJG-75
Jig grinders are used to finish the insides of jigs, grinding holes and pins. They are used for high precision grinding and processing of holes and profile shapes of precision molds, precision components, and fixtures/jigs. The UJG-75 is the latest model in the jig grinder series produced by Waida MFG. It is particularly outstanding when compared to conventional models for the following reasons: 1) it has a large worktable (1,300 x 650 mm), enabling the processing of large workpieces; 2) it is the first jig grinder in the world to have a U-axis structure (Waida MFG patent), increasing rigidity, significantly shortening grinding time, and enabling rough grinding; 3) expanding processing scope and enabling continuous unmanned operation through the expansion of worktable size and installation of U-axis structure; and 4) prevention of oil spread, thereby solving the precision management problem of oil adhesion to the workpiece.

Apr 4, 2011

About the author
Eriko Kinashi is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
(Waida MFG Co., Ltd.)
Profile Grinder Series: SPG-W
X, Y, U and W 4 axes control, simultaneously 2 axes control
Wheel rotation speed Max 20,000 min-1 for small diameter
Grinding head wheel stroke Max. 400 st/min (stroke speed limits the stroke length)
Grinding head wheel stroke amount Max. 110 mm
Jig Grinder Series UJG-75
X, Y, Z, and C Simultaneous 4-axis control
Worktable sixe 1,300 x 650 mm
Worktable travel (X) 1,300 mm