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OSG: End Mills and Taps


OSG began in 1938 when Hideo Osawa established Osawa Screw Grinding Co., Ltd. and has specialized in the manufacture and sales of cutting machine tools, including taps and dice, ever since. It pioneered the manufacture and sales of high-speed steel end mills, beginning before any of its competitors in 1970, and has consistently invested in outstanding product development over its 70 or so years of history. Its particular strengths include meeting the needs of the metal mold industry, which requires precision processing, and conducting research in difficult-to-cut materials, where it has notably improved its technology.

Today, OSG is Japan’s leading company in the precision cutting machine tools industry. It is also an international company: 1968 it established OSG Tap and Die Inc. in Chicago, USA, and has continued to expand and establish manufacturing and sales companies across the world. As a result, more than 50% of the OSG Group’s revenue is generated outside of Japan. OSG taps and end mills, its core products, represent the undisputed majority share in their respective markets worldwide. It is no exaggeration to describe OSG as the world’s foremost manufacturer of precision cutting machine tools.

Here we introduce the latest models of two of OSG’s leading products, the tap and the end mill.

A tap is a cutting tool used to create screw threads. Taps are vital for precision thread processing, used in engines. OSG holds the number one share in taps, both in Japan and internationally.

The WHR-NI Tap Series is used for cutting and cutting of nickel-based heat-resisting alloys, used principally as material for jet engines. The series was launched in January 2011.

Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys are able to withstand temperatures of up to 1,200°C, but are incredibly difficult to machine. Issues such as a shortened tool life-span, and chipping of the cutting edge resulting from sudden wear of the tooth point have been consistently problematic for machine tool operators.

The WHR-NI Tap Series comes in two types, the WHR-NI-SFT for blind holes, and the WHR-NI-POT for through holes, and both types use HR coating, which exhibits a high level of anti-welding properties against nickel-based alloys. This coating significantly improves resistance to wear. For the WHR-NI-SFT tap, the point flutes also use HR coating, which has improved chipping resistance. Consequently, the WHR-NI-SFT has a tool life-span which is three times longer than previous OSG products. The WHR-NI-POT also represents significant improvements in stable tool life-span.

Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys, which are able to resist extreme temperatures, are now being used in diverse industries and fields in addition to their primary field of jet engine manufacturing, including automobile components and home-use heating appliances. Such alloys are likely to become increasingly important in the future.

*End Mills: Diamond Coated Herringbone 4 Flute Cutter DIA-HBC4
An end mill is a type of milling cutter, used in a number of applications, including smoothing out the end sections of workpieces and to cut and widen holes vertically perpendicular to an axis. End mills are one of the core products of the entire OSG Group. The DIA-HBC4 is an end mill used for the cutting and processing of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), which is primarily used as a material for aircraft. It will be made available from May 2011. CRFP is lightweight, strong, rigid, and resistant to wear. It is also highly heat resistant, making it an ideal material for many modern industries. As well as aircraft construction, CRFP is also used today in the manufacture of automobiles and rockets. It is, however, an extremely difficult material to process.

OSG diamond coated cutting machines use unique OSG technology to achieve ultra-fine crystallization. The coating is also removable. As the use of CFRP becomes increasingly widespread in manufacturing, OSG products are likely to enjoy a significant rise in demand.

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(OSG Corporation)
Spiral fluted taps for Nickel-based heat resistant alloys WHR-NI-SFT
Tool Material CPM
Surface Treatment HR Coating
Helix Angle 11°
Pointed taps for Nickel-based heat resistant alloys WHR-NI-POT
Tool Material CPM
Surface Treatment HR Coating