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CITIZEN: Fixed Headstock Type Machine Tool Cincom BL20/25


The roots of CITIZEN can be traced back to 1924, to a company selling pocket watches. Today, it is the second largest watch manufacturer in Japan. Although it is most widely known for its watch line, it has also achieved significant success in other business areas, including machine tools, calculators and electronic dictionaries, and medical equipment. CITIZEN also has a large number of affiliates and subsidiary companies. In the machine tools field, it is an undisputed market leader in the manufacturing of high-performance small precision lathes. CITIZEN’s small precision lathes play a vital role in many manufacturing industries.

At present, CITIZEN’s machine tools business is working hard to adapt to diversifying consumer needs, particularly with regard to high-mix low-volume production requirements. CITIZEN is also committed to improving cost performance through enhanced machining performance and new functionalities. It also runs a comprehensive aftercare program, providing technical support and appropriate machining know-how in order to improve the operational efficiency of factories, both in advanced and emerging nations where there can be a lack of qualified engineers. CITIZEN is steadily developing its business and services with a view to further confident growth in the future.

Of all the machine tools produced by CITIZEN, of particular note is the ‘Cincom’ series of small-size computer numerical control (CNC) automatic lathes capable of producing high precision parts. The thinking behind the Cincom series is based on the following three vectors:
  1. High Functionality and Productivity: simultaneous processing by multi-axis and superimposed control, and machining speed improvements through pre-processing. Enhancements to productivity and machining flexibility are achieved by increasing the number of processes possible in a single machine, allowing multi-functionality.
  2. Further Reduction of Part Diameter: further development and promotion of micro-processing technology at diameters less than 10 mm, as developed through CITIZEN’s vast experience in clock and watch manufacturing.
  3. Further Improvement of Ultra-High Precision: responding to increasing demands for high-level processing accuracy, and searching for new technologies to achieve greater accuracy.

The Cincom BL20/25 is a fixed headstock type machine tool and part of the Cincom series described above. It is notable for the following three features:

  1. It uses an innovative twin tool post structure using high-speed, high-accuracy performance of the gang tool post.
  2. It is capable of high-speed calculations equivalent to cam type, using CITIZEN’s own NC system, completed for the Cincom B series.
  3. It has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, having a compact bed structure with condensed functions and a free arm operation panel.

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