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Komatsu: Power Shovel PC2000-8


Power shovel is a term used for excavators, a type of heavy construction equipment. In fact, the term ‘power shovel’ was originally the name of a product by Komatsu which subsequently became a generic term used throughout the industry. As this suggests, Komatsu is an industry leader in power shovels, which represent one of its core product lines.

The star of the Komatsu power shovel line-up is the PC2000-8, with a maximum output of 713 kW (970 ps), powered by a Komatsu original hybrid engine. Not only is the engine fuel-efficient, the PC2000-8 features a Total Power Management function using an On-demand Power Control System. This helps to achieve lower running costs per hour of operation.

Another merit of this particular power shovel is the wear-resistance reinforced bucket, ensuring strong and sustained performance long-term through improved resistance to impact and wear. Of particular note is the use of “Koma-hard” materials, developed by Komatsu to give enhanced protection from wear in those areas of the bucket particularly prone to wear, and other ultra-high tensile materials. Used together with the ‘XS’ tooth, a long-life tooth, these materials are designed to achieve significant improvements in durability. The development of a highly wear-resistant, enhanced-strength bucket has also resulted in a 30% reduction in maintenance and repair procedures.

The PC2000-8 has been extremely well received as a vital tool in large-scale construction projects throughout Asia, particularly in China. With this model, Komatsu has certainly proved itself to be unreachable in terms of power shovel quality and innovation.

May 16, 2011

About the author
Eriko Kinashi is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
(Komatsu Ltd.)
Operating weight 200,000 kg
Bucket capacity 12.0 m3
Engine model SAA12V140E-3
Rated horsepower 713 kW (970 ps)
Total emission 30,480 cc
Maximum digging depth 9,235 mm
Maximum vertical wall digging depth 2,710 mm
Maximum digging reach 15,780 mm
Maximum digging height 13,410 mm