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Shin-Etsu Chemical: Polyvinyl Chloride / 300-mm Silicon Wafers


Shin-Etsu Chemical was established in 1926. At first, it concentrated mainly on the production of chemical fertilizers, but has since branched out considerably. Today, the company boasts a diverse line-up of outstanding products, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins, semiconductor wafers, silicon resins, and rare earth magnets. Of these, Shin-Etsu Chemical currently holds the world’s leading share in the PVC resin and wafer markets respectively, and as such is one of Japan’s most successful chemical companies. It is noted for its strong management strategy and its dedication to continued research and development, two core approaches that have enabled it to make such outstanding progress on the global market.
Here, we introduce two of Shin-Etsu Chemical’s principal product lines, PVC resin and silicon wafers.

Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC) Resin
PVC resin is used in diverse applications, from goods used in our everyday lives to various kinds of industrial materials. It has three notable features, as follows:
1) Petroleum accounts for just 40% of the raw materials for PVC, an extremely low proportion.
2) PVC is highly durable.
3) PVC is easily recyclable.
These three merits show why PVC is a material that helps to conserve resources, save energy, and protect the environment. This also explains its wide use.
Shin-Etsu Chemical has developed a unique manufacturing process incorporating large-scale polymerization and non-scale technologies. At present, the company has large-scale production capacity for the three main international markets – Japan, the US, and Europe – and provides diverse industries throughout the world with an unrivalled supply of outstanding PVC products as the world’s largest PVC manufacturer.

300-mm Silicon Wafers
The manufacturing of semiconductor wafers requires highly precise technology. Shin-Etsu Chemical has just such technology and this is doubtless the reason it currently holds the top share in the global market for semiconductor wafers, including silicon wafers.

Since 2001, Shin-Etsu Chemical has been using an original technology to pioneer the mass production of 300-mm silicon wafers. This technology has been the key to establishing a steady supply system for the international silicon wafer market.

300-mm silicon wafers are able to meet the 0.13-μm or less design rule, thereby making them suitable for very latest devices. They are currently used in substrates for memory devices and microprocessor devices.

Shin-Etsu Chemical also manufactures and sells IG-NANA silicon wafers and Silicon On Insulator (SOI) wafers. As the market diversifies, so too is Shin-Etsu Chemical improving its product line-up to ensure unbeaten product quality and innovation.

May 16, 2011

About the author
Eriko Kinashi is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
( hin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. )