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Murata Machinery: VORTEX 861 Spinning Machine


History of Murata Machinery
Murata Machinery (Muratec) is a leading manufacturing of machine and textile machinery. It was established in 1935 as the Nishijin Jacquard Manufacturing partnership, and was primarily involved in the manufacturing of textile machinery. In 1961, it developed the turret lathe, sparking its expansion into the field of machine tools. Today, it is a major player in a number of areas, manufacturing and selling products in the fields of logistics and automation, machine tools, sheet metal machinery, textile machine, and communication equipment. 

Textile Machines by Murata Machinery
Muratec began life as Nishijin Jacquard Manufacturing, and this has allowed it to build up an outstanding body of technological expertise in the textile machinery field. Additionally, in 1979, the company’s textile machine division developed the Mach Splicer, a groundbreaking device that made it possible to create knotless yarn using compressed air. This revolutionary technology redefined the textiles industry, enabling the manufacturing of apparel products without compromising yarn quality, the scale expansion of spinning machines, and the improvement of the speed and efficiency of weaving machines and knitting machines. Today, this technology is used in Muratec’s automatic winders, which boast the world’s largest share of the automatic winder market. Here we profile one of Muratec’s leading products from its textile machinery division, the VORTEX 861.

VORTEX 861 Spinning Machine
VORTEX 861 is a world-leading Muratec product that employs unique spinning technology to make roving, spinning, and winding possible in a single machine. It boasts the following features.
  1. Unique Spinning Technology
    The VORTEX 861 uses unique spinning technology that causes long fibers to converge at the core while short fibers diverge to the outer layer. Yarn thus produced has various advantages, such as being less hairy in appearance, having greater resistance to pilling, and displaying a high moisture absorption capacity. Yarn produced by the VORTEX 861 is known as VORTEX® and has both high functionality and fashion applicability.
  2. World’s Fastest Spinning Speed and Process Integration
    VORTEX 861 can spin yarn at speeds of up to 450 m/min, resulting in productivity rates that are twenty times higher than those of conventional spinning machines.
  3. Improved Quality Management
    VORTEX 861 is equipped with the very latest yarn defect detection function as well as a quality control system, allowing for more precise detection of yarn quality. By including a Visual On-demand System (VOS), it has become much easier for the operator to determine operating conditions and conduct quality management, operational management, and maintenance management in comparison to earlier models.
  4. Space-Saving and Power Saving
    VORTEX 861 integrates roving, spinning, and winding into a single unit, making it possible to reduce running costs for labor, power, and maintenance. Furthermore, a comparison of the processes, installation area, machines, operators, and maintenance workers required for the VORTEX 861 and conventional models shows that the VORTEX 861 achieves a space saving of around 30% overall. It is also around 20% more energy efficient than conventional models. VORTEX 861 is an efficient spinning machine that well meets the needs of the age.
The Future for Muratec
In addition to the spinning machine introduced here, Muratec is involved in multiple other fields, such as logistics and automation, machine tools (particularly NC lathes), and communication equipment including digital multifunction copiers. Muratec shows every sign of going from strength to strength in the future, particularly as it concentrates further on expanding overseas.

Aug 2, 2011

About the author
Eriko Kinashi is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
( Murata Machinery, Ltd. )