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Fujifilm: SYNAPSE Enterprise-PACS


Overview of Fujifilm
Fujifilm Corporation, founded in 1934, has long been leading the world in camera and film manufacturing. However, in response to the recent rise in popularity of digital cameras in mainstream markets Fujifilm has decided to undertake a drastic business transformation.

In addition to digital camera manufacturing, Fujifilm is currently expanding its business into broader areas including liquid crystal, environment, and healthcare markets by utilizing the company’s accumulated expertise in manufacturing photograph films. In particular, polarization plate protective films for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are one of Fujifilm’s core products, with an 80% share of the global market. Fujifilm is also working hard to explore applications of the company’s superior knowledge of nanotechnology, starting cosmetic manufacturing in 2008. Furthermore, Fujifilm’s recent efforts based on cutting edge imaging technologies in healthcare markets are remarkable.

Here, Fujifilm’s latest medical product, which has, in part, facilitated the company’s successful transition from a camera and film manufacturer into a diversified corporation, is showcased.

In clinical practice, in order for physicians to make prompt and accurate diagnoses, an enormous number of medical images need to be processed at high speed, while maintaining high resolution. Fujifilm has developed a user-friendly image processing system for physicians by utilizing cutting edge technologies that the company has accumulated over many years in the medical field.

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