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Asahi Glass: Automotive Glass


Outline of Asahi Glass
Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. is an industrial giant that manufactures and sells glass and display products such as flat glass and automotive glass as well as chemical products. In particular, Asahi Glass has the largest market share in glass-product sales not only in Japan but also worldwide. In 1907, Asahi Glass was founded by Toshiya Iwasaki, who was the first to succeed in manufacturing flat glass in Japan. From the beginning, Asahi Glass established a firm position in the manufacturing and sales of flat glass in Japan, and moved on to diversify its business into other sectors by applying its accumulated manufacturing technologies.

Asahi Glass has an established reputation as a glass manufacturer; however, in truth the company competes in a diverse range of markets covering displays, electronics, energy, and chemicals. Shortly after its foundation, Asahi Glass began expanding its business overseas and over time has established more than 50 international bases around the world; on it’s way to becoming a successfully diversified and globalized company.

Here, automotive glass is showcased, selected from Asahi Glass’s product range, which holds a central position among the company’s major merchandise lines.

Asahi Glass’s automotive glass
The most important aspect in manufacturing automotive glass is that it is made without deformation. Modifications are continuously being applied on automotive body design, and a rounded body style has recently been preferred in order to reduce air resistance. The adoption of streamline in chassis appearance has demanded a more curved shape of automotive glass as well as larger overall glass size. Manufacturing larger and more curved glass places greater demands on fabrication processes and higher technological expertise is required. 

To make curved glass without deformation, advanced technological capabilities are required. In addition, many properties such as assured safety and water repellency as well as good heat insulation are required for automotive glass. Asahi Glass will continue to manufacture automotive glass that meets the needs of modern applications via the utilization of the company’s diversified and globalized technologies.

Future of Asahi Glass
Demand for glass has always been very high, especially in the construction and automotive industries. In the future, however, demand in the environmental energy sector, where Asahi Glass has recently made great strides, is expected to increase.

Asahi Glass also manufactures cover glass, integral to solar panels that have attracted much attention as a clean energy technology. Asahi Glass’s cover glass is high in permeability and low in reflectivity. It is also thermally treated in a special manner to protect silicon components, an important aspect for solar panels. This cover glass is highly regarded by many solar panel manufacturers as a superior quality product.

In addition, Asahi Glass manufactures and sells Low-E Glass (low-emission coating glass) that has excellent heat-insulation and heat-barrier capabilities. Asahi Glass will continue to recognize and meet the demands of the age via the company’s advanced technological capabilities and continued research, pushing onwards to new and diversified business opportunities.

Aug 12, 2011

About the author
Eriko Kinashi is a reporter for Japanest NIPPON
(Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.)