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Nationally Funded Academic and Educational Projects in Japan


Today, Japan is producing outstanding results in any number of academic fields. Japan boasts the greatest number of Nobel Laureates of any Asian country, and countless more Japanese researchers have produced internationally lauded findings.

Japanese researchers are often thought of as particularly diligent, showing a commitment that allows them to overcome difficulties and produce exceptional results. Japan’s renowned education and research institutions are now producing young talent and developing new technology that are supporting and strengthening Japanese industry and innovation while being recognized worldwide.

By maximizing this raw talent and propensity to diligence, and continuing to produce academic findings and technologies that capture global attention, Japan will be able to reinforce its economic presence and significance to the rest of the world. This enhanced global status will doubtless lead to the revitalization and further development of this leading Asian nation.

Today, academia is becoming ever more specialized, making it increasingly difficult for individuals or small teams alone to realize the true value of their research results. In order to bring individual research projects to the stage where they can make a valuable contribution to humankind, there is a need for collaboration among industry, government and academia, working in a framework of nationally and internationally mandated and funded projects.

In Japan, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science are the driving forces behind research innovation, providing academic research grants and capital for the education of young researchers, and promoting international academic exchange, as well as promoting high-level academic activities in general.

As projects become more prominent and Japanese academia develops further, the need for the understanding and support of the Japanese people becomes ever more important. Recent years have seen reductions made to Japan’s research and education budgets, but it now seems likely that greater investment will be made in these areas in the coming years. Japan seems poised to re-establish its leading position on the global stage.

It is vital that we are aware of the ground-breaking research being carried out in Japan today, by some of the greatest minds in the world today. Many talented researchers, ripe with the potential to achieve great things, have shown strong interest in these nationally mandated projects. It will be exciting to see what can be achieved when they join Japan’s programs of research as the next generation of global research leaders.

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