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National Cancer Center Hospital
Medical staff approx. 1,400
Nursing staff approx. 460
Hospital beds 600
Outpatients (daily average) approx. 1,000
Inpatients (daily average) approx. 520
National Cancer Center Hospital East
Teaching Staff approx. 650
Nursing staff approx. 290
Hospital beds 425
Outpatients (daily average) approx. 630
Inpatients (daily average) approx. 350

National Cancer Center | NCC

History and Outstanding Features


As of 2010, approximately 30% of all deaths in Japan are attributable to malignant neoplasms, or cancer.

From around the early 1950s, the proportion of death from cancer in Japan shot up rapidly, becoming the second most common cause of death by 1953, and the first most common by 1981. This trend is not unique to Japan, however; improvements in medical treatment and technology have helped to significantly reduce the number of people dying from diseases other than cancer, particularly infectious diseases, and therefore there is no suggestion that Japan suddenly has a much higher rate of cancer than it did before. What can be said is that the cancer treatments available in Japan at that time were lagging behind those in other countries; oncological research, too, was far off the global standard.

The National Cancer Center takes as its mission the suppression of cancer in Japan. Established by the government of Japan in 1962, under the support of Dr. Taro Takemi who was the President of the Japanese Medical Association at the time, the Center is dedicated exclusively to providing cancer treatment and pioneering cancer research.


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