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Teaching staff approx. 1,900
Undergraduate students approx. 1,400
Graduate students approx. 1,400
International students approx. 200
Undergraduate Faculties Medicine (Medicine, Health Care Sciences) / Dentistry (Dentistry, Oral Health Care Sciences)
Graduate Schools Medical and Dental Sciences / Health Care Sciences / Biomedical Science & Biomedical Science PhD Program
Research Institutes Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering / Medical Research Institute

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

History and Outstanding Features


The Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) can be traced back to the Tokyo National School of Dentistry, founded in 1928, and today incorporates the TMDU Hospital of Medicine, the TMDU Dental Hospital, and the TMDU School for Dental Technicians. It is the only multi-disciplinary university for medicine and dentistry in Japan; for dentistry, in particular, it is the oldest national university in the country, and the TMDU Hospital Faculty of Dentistry sees around 1,800 outpatients a day.