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History and Outstanding Features


History and Outstanding Features
SPring-8 is a large synchrotron radiation facility that delivers the highest quality synchrotron radiation currently available anywhere in the world. Construction on SPring-8 began in 1991 as a collaborative project by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and RIKEN, and SPring-8 opened in October 1997 as a joint-research facility open to applicants worldwide. 

Currently, SPring-8 is administered by RIKEN, with operation and user support conducted by the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI). 

Synchrotron radiation produced at the facility ranges from the soft X-ray (photon energy 300 eV) to hard X-ray (300 keV) region, and SPring-8 is also capable of generating lower energy infrared radiation. Furthermore, the facility is able to produce high-energy gamma rays, at a maximum of 2.4 GeV, through the backward Compton scattering of laser beams. 

Incidentally, the name SPring-8 comes from Super Photon ring-8 GeV: the maximum energy of the electron beam is eight giga electron volts.