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National Cerebral & Cardiovascular Center | NCVC

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History and Outstanding Features

History and Outstanding Features
The three main causes of death in modern Japan, now a ‘super-aging’ society, are: 1, cancer; 2, cardiovascular disease; and 3, cerebrovascular disease. As diseases of the circulatory system, cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease share many characteristics, meaning that effective research and treatment of one cannot realistically be achieved without the simultaneous and synergized research and treatment of the other. 

The National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center (NCVC) was established in 1977 in Osaka, as a dedicated center for the treatment and research of diseases of the circulatory system, specifically cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, under the mission statement of “protecting the health of the nation through unification with national healthcare policy”. The unique structure of the NCVC, which integrates a hospital and research center into a single facility, has allowed the NCVC to carry out translational research from its very inception, where findings can be applied to clinical treatment with little delay. In 2010, the NCVC established the Research and Development Initiative Center, an institute intended to facilitate the smoother transition of basic and clinical research findings into commercial products such as treatments and pharmaceutical products. This means that today, the NCVC comprises of dedicated centers for research and for treatment, and the Research and Development Initiative Center to link the two together. It rightly enjoys a reputation, both in Japan and overseas, as an outstanding institute for the development and provision of treatment and research on diseases affecting circulatory organs to the very highest international standards. 


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