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History and Outstanding Features


The National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) is an integrated scientific research institute that was established in 2004, when the following five research institutes were merged: the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, the National Institute for Fusion Science, the National Institute for Basic Biology, the National Institute for Physiological Sciences, and the Institute for Molecular Science. Its founding was prompted by the passing of a new law on the establishment of universities as independent administrative entities. NINS is not a research institute and experimental research facility that is monopolized by a single organization. Rather, it is open to researchers from all over the world, in accordance with its core principle: to work together to improve and enhance the scientific knowledge and capability of humankind. NINS is a facility that can be used collaboratively by multiple researchers, both from Japan and the rest of the world, for the purpose of scientific and technological research and development. Put simply, it is an inter-university research institute corporation, shared between national and international universities.


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